Welcome to my personal web site. This provides information about my books and links to my other sites, covering my interests in history, scientific computer software and photography.


Anglesey-History – A website, developed since 1995, exploring the history of the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. It includes a major section on the old windmills of Anglesey, a section on churches and chapels, some samples of old maps of the island, and articles on various other places and historical events. It also has a page about the current and past weather and an extensive list of books about Anglesey.

Anglesey History Blog – A blog associated with my main web site, as a way to post more informal information about my investigations of the island’s history. I write about places I’ve visited, facts and stories that I’ve been tracking down, and anything else I think might be of interest to those who love the history of Anglesey.

A-Z of the Isle of Anglesey -In this book I pick out the places and people that make Anglesey special, from Churches and Chapels to Lighthouses, which are of particular importance on the island, to large landowning families such as the Bulkeleys and prominent individuals such as Christmas Evans and Kyffin Williams. The richness of the natural world on the island will be addressed in sections on the Geology and Nature Reserves sections, the economy and social structures examined in sections like Fairs and Markets, Industry and Transport

Anglesey in 50 Buildings – A history of the Island of Anglesey, as told through the stories of 50 of its most iconic buildings, this book was written by myself and published by Amberley Publishing. This book will be an excellent companion to those who are discovering the island for the first time, as well as long-time residents who want to learn more about the history of the buildings they walk past every day.


Anglesey Through Time – A photographic tour of the history of Anglesey, this was my first book for Amberley Publishing. Each point of interest is illustrated with a pair of photos, one from the 19th to early 20th century and another recent one, together with a short description of their historical significance. This book will be an excellent companion to those who are discovering the island for the first time, as well as long-time residents who have wondered what their area looked like in their grandparents’ days.


I’ve also co-authored, with Bob Daimond, A Walking Guide to the Menai Strait Bridges, which describes a self-guided tour of the historic bridges over the Menai Straits, Thomas Telford’s Menai Suspension Bridge and Robert Stephenson’s Britannia Bridge. The book follows the footsteps of walking tours developed over the years by Menai Heritage, a charity running an accredited museum about the bridges. The guide points out features of interest and explains their history and their engineering and social significance. It is richly illustrated with historical images from the Menai Heritage archives as well as modern photos showing the main points of interest.

Speaking to Talwrn Archaeology Group (photo: Angharad Bowen-Holmes)

Public Speaking–  I have been giving talks about the history of Anglesey since 2017, addressing local history and civic groups as well as U3A, Rotary and Probus organisations. The talks I currently have available are listed here.


Photography –  A keen photographer for many years, I have been selling photographs, primarily through Alamy, since 2001, specializing in landscape, nature and built environment images from North Wales and around the world. My photographs have been reproduced worldwide in numerous books (publishers including Rough Guide, Frommer Travel Guides, Dorling Kindersley, Oxford University Press & Wiley), magazines (such as Country Life, Cycle Magazine & Country & Border Life) and national newspapers (including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times & Daily Mail).

Kovach Computing Services – My business website. It features software developed for scientific data analysis, both by myself and by partners in France and Canada. These include MVSP – A MultiVariate Statistical Package and Oriana – Orientation Analysis and Circular Statistics for Windows, as well as XLStat, Simstat, Wordstat and QDA Miner.

Other websites – Besides this and the above sites I have also developed a number of other sites, including the Accent Composer site and the new site for Menai Bridge Community Heritage Trust, as well as a site for the consultant Catherine Duigan (shown below). I also assisted with the Rivers of WalesCladocera, A Short Course, and the David Stevens memorial sites.

Other  Publications – Before I started developing scientific computer software full-time I was a botanist, palaeontologist and numerical ecologist at various universities in the USA, Scotland and Wales. You can see a list of my 26 academic scientific publications at Researchgate.

I also wrote software reviews and computer programming articles for various computer publications in the UK, including Personal Computer World, PC Plus, EXE Magazine and The Delphi Magazine. I wrote a book about computer programming and user interface design, Delphi 3: User Interface Design, published by Prentice Hall.